About In Defense of Humanity

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Evidence-Based News

A free society is dependent upon the quality of information that its citizenry is aware of, how well-informed they are. As Charles Tobey put it, "A democratic government is only as strong as the alert conscience of its people.”

In a society based on voting rights and the rule of law, a widespread understanding of critical issues based on solid provable evidence serves as a foundational pillar, a guidepost, where we can find actionable truth and build common ground.

Without solid intel, well-meaning people can be manipulated into acting in dangerously naïve, shortsighted and ultimately self-destructive ways. The history books are filled with far too many examples of exactly that.

The mainstream media and Big Tech have suppressed and censored investigative journalism on critical issues that impact society in the most significant ways. Journalism that informs people on vital issues, in a way that unites them, builds consensus common ground and empowers people to move in freedom-enhancing ways is targeted for censorship.

Journalism is a vital societal guidance system. In a free society, we need investigative journalism to give us a higher resolution GPS so we can more effectively navigate the chaos and predatory forces that are spiraling around us. 

This network is dedicated to crowdsourcing the most critical verifiable information that we need to protect our communities and family.

Despite all the relentless divide and conquer propaganda, we all have much more in common that we generally realize.  We all want to live in healthy communities that give our families the opportunity to fulfill their potential.