About In Defense of Humanity

Algorithmic suppression and censorship on social media platforms has become absurdly oppressive.  

Unless you're posting two-party partisan groupthink or divide & conquer divisiveness of some sort, the Algo Thought Police stomp your posts down.

We have built and organized massive global movements using social media and now it is algorithmically designed to suppress any movement that is not sanctioned by the two-party oligarchy.

Information that can unite people around new solutions and core issues of systemic corruption is censored.

Innovations that empower people to be independent from large centralized systems are effectively suppressed and co-opted.

We have incredible technological capabilities that are not being effectively deployed because they don’t serve the business model and profit margins of the most powerful global corporations and the interests of the Oligarchy Dominance Hierarchy.

We are now in “the fourth industrial revolution” but we are still trapped in an incredibly outdated “Industrialism 1.0” operating system. 

It's complete tyrannical BULLSHIT!!!

We're over it!!

InDefenseofHumanity.com is a new social network for people who are interested in creating life-enhancing change.

This is a Do It Yourself Decentralized Uprising…