* We are 100% non-partisan, because we follow the science.

In the United States, as a Princeton scientific analysis definitively proved, both political parties serve "global economic elites" at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers.

As the analysis clearly demonstrated, 99% of the population does not have any political representation and “near zero influence” over government laws and policies.

From our foreign policy to the food we eat, from our information systems to our healthcare, from our economy to our educational system, a global aristocracy rules over almost every aspect of our lives.

The system of legalized political bribery (campaign finance, lobbying and the revolving door) must be dismantled, and our election results must be verifiable for “our government” to have any legitimacy.

Under the present governing system, no matter what your political opinions are, you are well-justified in your angst. Our political system is rigged against all of us.

Our systemic accountability mechanisms and societal institutions have been captured and weaponized against us. Our government agencies, which are supposed to protect national civilian populations from predatory global interests, are captured by those predatory global interests.

* As opposed to the mainstream misinformation media and Big Tech PSYOP and censorship operations, we are guided by evidence-based information.

Verifiable evidence is our North Star, wherever it leads us. To win this war against us, we need to have a high-resolution map of the battlefield so we can clear the fog of war and more effectively navigate the oppressive forces that are spiraling around us.

We cannot allow ideologies, partisanship or groupthink to cloud our vision. Verifiable truth is our guidepost; our way through, our sword and shield.

We do the hard work and critical analysis that we need to achieve actionable truth, to establish solid common ground that we can rally people around, so we can unite to effectively defend the 99.9% of humanity that the imperial New World Order is trying to enslave.

Throughout COVID, Google and social media companies have strategically censored well-proven life-saving information, while algorithmically promoting proven harmful and deadly misinformation. On top of that, they proactively falsely discredited top medical experts, doctors, health organizations, scientists and investigative journalists.

Meanwhile, the legacy corporate mainstream media were relentless in their repetitious misinformation and fear-mongering. Obviously, our communication and information systems are now dominated by Psychological Operations experts and behavioral scientists who do not have our best interests at heart.

Everything we communicate is now machine-learned by A.I. to create psycho-metric profiles, then with behavioral micro-targeting they algorithmically manipulate our confirmation biases, which is why people are essentially cheering on their own demise.

* As evidence has clearly proven, the COVID mRNA nanotech injection program is extremely harmful and unconstitutional.

Calling COVID shots “vaccines” was strategically deceptive. Saying that they were “safe and effective,” while Pfizer’s clinical trials very clearly proved otherwise, was one of the most grotesque lies ever perpetrated against humanity.

Everyone in positions of responsibility needs to immediately publicly reverse course and get on the right side of history, or they will be held legally accountable and personally prosecuted in front of the whole world for their facilitation of inhumane profiteering and Crimes Against Humanity.

* We are here to restore the rule of law, defend the Constitution and protect people worldwide.

We do not support violence. We protect people from violence.

We want to make that clear, because the real domestic terrorists try to discredit and vilify groups, who defend their communities, by falsely labelling them as “domestic terrorists.”

As the COVID attack has proven, the protectors are censored and falsely discredited as “misinformation spreaders” and “violent extremists,” while the global predators are propagated and promoted as caring for the greater good and public health. It’s a tyrannically absurd bizzaro world.

* We represent all races, ethnicities, creeds, sexual orientations and political opinions. We have compassion for everyone, because we know that we are all under attack. Hence, In Defense of Humanity.

Don’t fall for all the "woke" identity politics divide and conquer PSYOPS that have been saturating mass consciousness. They are strategically designed to silo off populations into the smallest possible demographics, to keep us fighting amongst each other while we are all increasingly oppressed.

Imperial globalists don’t care what your race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation or political opinions are, they want to enslave everyone.

We all have much more in common than the mainstream media and social media platforms want you to realize.

We all want to live in peaceful communities that give our children the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Tragically, we are quickly descending into a dystopian nightmare. It is too terrifying for most people to acknowledge, let alone comprehend and confront, but we cannot ignore it in hopes that it will all just go away. Clearly, it is not, and the unconventional warfare tactics deployed against us are escalating.

We analyze and monitor the Threat Matrix and understand Full Spectrum Dominance strategies. We know the attack vectors: A.I., nanotech, CRISPR, GMOs, EMFs, 5G, bio-metric surveillance, geo-engineering, PSYOPS, censorship, social credit, ESGs, Central Bank Digital Currency, etc..

With the latest developments in A.I. and the Technologies of Control, we are running over quickly shifting terrain. The battlefield is ever-evolving and freedom requires eternal vigilance.

However, none of this is rocket science, it is all blatantly obvious, provable, verifiable reality, once you free your consciousness from the relentless fear-inducing Psychological Terrorism Operations.

Most people are caught in a vicious cycle: the more traumatizing wider-reality becomes, the more frantically fear-driven people irrationally cling to denial, as a coping mechanism, leading them to ultimately dismiss solid evidence as “conspiracy theory” before their critical thinking skills can be applied, just as they have been conditioned to do. It is a tragedy of biblical proportions.

We must clear the fog of war to avoid a world war.

We cannot let the N.W.O. "global economic elites" confuse and distract the masses by starting World War III. We must be laser focused on restoring peace and holding them accountable for Crimes Against Humanity.

Everyone who has sworn an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution must take it upon themselves to disobey unlawful orders, as many have already been doing.

As the Supreme Court has made clear, it is up to the individual to know which orders are illegal. You cannot claim that you were just following orders.

We must also have our strategic priorities in order.

Russia did not inject you and your family with extremely harmful substances, our corrupted and compromised chain of command did.

We all know it, and they will be held accountable for treason and Crime Against Humanity.

The “Biden” Administration is a paper tiger in a Potemkin village. The leadership of both parties are cornered and desperately clinging to power, because we have now reached a critical mass tipping point of awareness where we have enough support to enforce accountability and prosecute people.

Globalist terrorism operations must be shut down right now.

We have to take bold strategic action to save our families and communities.

COVID was the opening salvo, the first wave of biological, psychological and economic terrorism operations. It was the start of World War III, the globalist aristocracy’s tyrannical attempt to enslave humanity, to gain bio-metric control of bodies and minds, to eventually eradicate personal consciousness, critical thought, free will and individual sovereignty for the overwhelming majority of humanity.

Due to A.I. , global corporate leaders do not need most of their workforce anymore, and new technology makes it easier than ever to control populations.

At the same time, the global aristocracy's grip on power is collapsing. A.I. and the new technologies that they are trying to use to enslave us can also be used to liberate and empower us.

Fortunately, a decentralized paradigm shift from imperial globalization to self-sufficient localization is well underway.

The imperial paradigm is fundamentally designed to consolidate wealth and resources into fewer and fewer hands, which makes the masses dependent on large centralized systems for the basic necessities of life, for ever increasing debt. Hence, the all-time record-breaking debt exploding across the world.

The new emerging paradigm decentralizes power by making people self-sufficient for basic necessities. With modern tech, people are empowered, in unprecedented ways, to be independent and free themselves from the old, obsolete and corrupted centralized systems.

In response to that, power-crazed global oligarchs are trying to hold on to their power by tyrannically cracking down on everyone. It is a classic case of imperial overreach - exactly what endangered oligarchies have always done in their collapse phase.

Unfortunately, these pathological shortsighted greed-addicted forces are doing everything they can to incite war, crime, chaos and societal collapse, which are all well underway.

Humanity is truly at the crossroads.

Outright kinetic warfare on a global scale, sudden mass causality events, violent outbreaks and all-out societal collapse are the last cards that the globalists are playing now.

They are trying to incite World War III and a Civil War throughout the continental U.S. so they can avoid accountability, hold on to power and tyrannically crush the awakened and aware masses who are capable of defending their communities.

We will not allow that to happen.

Violent outbreaks and chaos must be avoided.

Time is of the essence. People must take it upon themselves to proactively become self-sufficient for basic necessities.

Lead by example. Lead with compassion, help each other out and do everything you can to keep the peace in your community.

We are not poor peasants trapped in an impoverished third world existence. We are an overwhelming critical mass of aware and capable people who have the power to defend our communities and change the course of history.

Keep the faith and stand your ground.

Justice will be served.

De Oppresso Liber,
In Defense of Humanity